Skills Course to Protection Personnel from Security Staff

Najran Cement Company has implemented a training course on the development of security personnel skills have participated in the program number (79), an employee of the employees of the security at the plant management and the unity of the mills have session dealt with the most important skills necessary to the security men such as duties and responsibilities, public and private systems, security awareness, observation and memory skills , field observations and writing reports, tasks patrols, crisis intervention, methods of traffic and motor control, as well as the principles of safety.

Session for three days were carried out in the factory Sultana from the date of 29.06.2013 to 07.01.2013 has also been implemented in the administration building for each of the employees of the security in the unit mills and management for a period of three days from the date 07/02/2013 to date 4 / 7/2013 and come such courses interests of the company on the development of human resources as the most valuable resources, the most important and creating supportive environment for learning and creativity continuous career development.