The company has a set of values that govern the work performance, namely:


The quest for the company’s leadership in all its products and services offered to their customers.

Focusing on the client:

Providing products and services that would exceed the expectations of both; our customers and our stakeholders from inside and outside the company

Team Spirit:

Teamwork, fair competition, innovation and excellence in performance.


Building a partnership based on trust and cooperation between the management team and employees in the company’s various managerial and technical positions.


taking pride in being part of the company and its main role in supporting the economical objectives along with reserving and protecting nature

Taking pride in our Human Resources:

As it is considered as the most valuable asset we have. we should also provide it with a proper environment for learning, innovation, and constant development on both the personal level and career level.

Righteousness and ethical behaviour:

Commitment to the standards and ethics of professional conduct in all our dealings.

Honesty and candor:

Honesty, truthfulness, sincerity and transparency in all our dealings along with performing our duties and taking responsibility on both our personal and career levels.

Social Responsibility:

Communication and cooperation with our local community and compliance with regulations and laws that govern our relations.

Commitment to the company:

Preserving the company assets, its property and facilities and the pursuit of all that might interest the company as well as avoiding anything that may lead to any harm.