CEO Word

CEO’s word upon launching the company’s new website:

It’s only Thanks to God that The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is now witnessing a new Golden Era of construction and development and only because it’s the homeland of renaissance and construction that we had to prevail with it by working harder, developing and contributing in the development of our beloved Kingdom.

And because we feel our responsibility towards our beloved nation and our clients that we realised that it is our duty to continue our work to empower our company’s position by providing a high-quality product that would economically benefit all parties included.

From this point that we decided launching a new website for our company, hoping that it would meet our customers and suppliers’ expectations keeping up with the continuous change and development movement to achieve the leadership of our company in all its products and services provided to our customers.

I am pleased to launch the company’s website with its completely new design and various services allowing our clients to communicate directly with the department in need and have access to all the information and services we can offer them through the website.

IT evolution and the rapid transition to knowledge management and e-government drives us to constantly evaluate our services and develop our products according to the highest local and international standards.

This new website is meant to reinforce our continuous commitment to constant improvement and active communication through the pages allocated to that and we will make sure to respond to the desire and meet the needs of our company’s customers.

Wishing the Best of Luck and Success to Everyone  …


CEO: Abdulsalam Abdullah Aldraibi